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Why Fast Growing Brands Choose Tactful UCX


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market

Enterprise Grade Platform

Enterprise Ready

Security & SLA

Tactful UCX offers superior security & guarantee outstanding service-level agreement, as well as flexible integrations.

Cost Effective

Scalable & Affordable

Tactful UCX has been built to flexibly grow as your business grows. You can add more users & features without worrying about reliability or past investment.

Flexible Deployment

Stay Compliant & Agile

Tactful UCX is an infrastructure agnostic solution. You can enjoy our managed cloud offering or deploy Tactful UCX on your private cloud or on-premises data center.

Superior Multilingual AI Help Desk

Deliver Personalised Service With Multilingual AI

  • Provide multilingual AI-powered self-service that understands customers intents.

  • Automatically localize your language and dialect to match your customer’s preferences.

  • Instantly answer customers questions and inquiries.

Conversational AI
AI Help Desk Automation

Advanced Help Desk Automation

Turn Demand Into Command with Self-Service

  • Convert booking, refund or purchasing requests into a placed order by AI-powered self-service.

  • Place cancellation or complaints requests about products automatically, no need for agent support.

  • Free up time of repetitive tasks and let your team focus on what matters.

Streamline Your Business Operations

Central Control Dashboard For Every Stakeholder

  • Stay on top of your current operations including sales, marketing and customer support interactions.

  • Support business users with analytics and management dashboard to get a full insight about workflow.

  • Improve customer loyalty, retention and SLA by responding to demand changes instantaneously.

Unified Agent Desktop

  • Live agents manage all live conversations across channels from one unified desktop.

  • Have a 360 View for customers’ interactions.

  • CRM and ticketing integration in the same interface.

Realtime Contact Centre Monitoring Dashboard

  • Keep an eye on all current transactions and conversations for your team.

  • Solve any rising issue on the spot.

  • Track agents open tasks and deals to provide live suggestions.

Integrated Ticketing System

Simplify and Organize Operations with the Integrated Ticketing System

  • Place customer tickets in the integrated ticketing system.

  • Split, assign, and manage requests into different team groups.

  • Never miss a request or get lost through multi-channel conversations.

Integrated CRM

Streamline Your Operations with the Integrated CRM

  • Organise customers’ data and have all interactions across different channels and requests recorded in one place.

  • Manage all your customer relations and information in the same live conversation.

Helpdesk CRM

Empower Your Agents to Support Your Customers

AI Agent Assist

AI-agent-assist mode brings real-time recommendations & insights under your agents’ fingertips in a live customer session so they can respond to your customers quickly with more accurate information.

Agents Collaboration

Let your team work as one man with built-in team collaboration features for a shorter resolution time and more accurate response to customer inquiries.

Agents Productivity

Integrate Tactful help desk with your favourite tool as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and much more to encourage collaboration and knowledge share.

Cognitive Analytics

CX Analytics

Empower Sales with AI-Powered Analytics

  • Uncover opportunities and issues and leverage data to drive decisions.

  • Sales insights to improve sales revenue.

  • Marketing insights to develop and optimize marketing campaigns.

  • Quality insights to improve the overall quality of customer experience.

360 View & Customer Journey

Full Customer's Journey & 360 View

  • Track customer’s information, past and present purchasing data and interactions since landing to the brand’s page.

  • Understand customer intention to provide better recommendations and solutions.

Customer Journey
Help Desk Routing

AI-Powered Routing Technology

Personalized Support with AI-Powered & Intelligent Routing Technology

  • Connect customers with the rightly skilled agent to support using AI routing engine that considers customer sentiment, historical interactions and CRM data.

  • Boost customer satisfaction using personalized support and fewer redirects.

Supercharge Customer Experience, Efficiency, and Sales Using Tactful

See how Tactful can help you boost productivity & sales in action.

Increase Customer Engagement

Power-up Outbound Engagement

  • Reach your target customer according to segmentation and send specially tailored deals and information.

  • Format information in different forms including text, images, voice, etc.

  • Engage with your recent prospects to convert them into customers.

Omnichannel Campaigns
Voice Call Capabilities

Voice Capabilities

Manage Voice Calls using the Same Dashboard

  • Receive voice calls in the same unified agent desktop and have the same 360 view for digital channels.

  • Integrate Tactful help desk with call centre software as Cisco, Avaya, Mitel & more.

  • Cross use analytics and data between the call center and Tactful AI Help Desk to maximize visibility and improve experience.

Flexible Integrations

Integrate the Software You Use Everyday

Tactful help desk open APIs means you can extend the integrated capabilities and maximize benefits by integrating with a range of enterprise software tools. This ensures future extendability and protects any investments that you have already made.

As of 2017, the MENA e-commerce market reached $8.3 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 25%, e-commerce in the region has been growing slightly of the global average. In order to compete in this space, businesses have to adopt a customer-centric approach with a focus on delivering the best service across all channels. We at Elaraby have worked with Tactful to build a comprehensive customer experience platform to manage and deliver the best customer experience across all digital platforms, since started we have seen spectacular improvements in customer satisfaction, online conversion, and operations efficiency. The results have been exceeding our expectations on all fronts.

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Manal Negmeldin

Head of Digital & Omnichannel at ELARABY GROUP

In the hospitality sector, we see great benefits of using AI in various aspects of the business including customer experience as well as the automation of processes. We also know that the best marketing we can do is to provide our guests with exceptional service and build a strong relationship with them. We believe using Tactful AI technology won’t only help us connect with our customers, we will also be able to understand their needs and always deliver the experience they are expecting from us.

Faisal Abdallah

Director of Communication at Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

Sigma-Fit is a Techwear company and we adopted AI to be at the core of our business operations as well as customer experience management. Using Tactful we were able to provide our customers with all the necessary channels to help them communicate as well as doing business with us. Tactful AI technology helped us provide the best experience across all these channels in a very cost effective way. 

Omar El Metwally

Managing Director and Co-Founder

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