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Expand reach & enhance Customer Experience

Discover the omnichannel benefits of Tactful Engage

Connect channels in seconds and engage customers from your Unified Inbox

Increase Convenience

Tactful Engage allows customers to choose their preferred communication channel, be it email, chat, social media, or phone. With multiple channels available, customers can connect whenever and however they prefer, ensuring greater accessibility and availability.

Greater Flexibility

Customers enjoy the freedom to switch between channels based on their preferences or the urgency of their inquiries. Every engagement is seamlessly delivered to the Unified Inbox, making it effortless to manage conversations across various channels.

Seamless Experience

Tactful Engage enables customers to initiate a conversation on one channel and effortlessly continue it on another without the need to repeat information. The Unified Inbox and conversation history ensure a smooth experience, eliminating the need for customers to reiterate their queries while ensuring agents never miss a beat.

Simplify & Save with Tactful Engage

Streamline and scale your customer engagement activities


One simple interface to simplify customer engagement

Say goodbye to scattered conversations across different platforms. Our Unified Inbox brings all your channels together, allowing you to view and respond to messages from email, chat, social media, and phone in one convenient interface. No more switching between apps or missing important messages.

Experience the simplicity of having all communications in one place with Tactful Engage.

Live chat with customers directly from the Unified Inbox with ease
Connect channels with ease

Scale Up with Ease

Connecting communication channels has never been easier. Tactful Engage simplifies the setup process, allowing you to connect channels in a matter of minutes. You can add as many accounts as you like and expand your reach across various platforms too.

Whether you're managing multiple departments or expanding your business, Tactful Engage grows with you. Enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of scaling up your communication efforts with Tactful Engage.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership 

Investing in multiple tools to manage different channels can be costly and complex. With Tactful Engage, you can reduce the total cost of ownership by consolidating all your communication needs into one comprehensive solution. No more juggling between software or maintaining numerous applications.

Tactful Engage is a cloud-based SaaS solution, eliminating the need for maintenance and reducing overhead costs. Streamline your operations and maximize your economic value with Tactful Engage's all-in-one communication platform.

Streamline customer engagement by engaging customers on their preferred channels

Unlock Customer Engagement

with expanded channel coverage

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Offering multiple channels encourages increased customer engagement as customers can choose the channel they are most comfortable with. With Tactful Engage’s Unified Inbox, agents can easily engage with customers across any channel, facilitating seamless communication.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Providing a variety of communication options, companies can deliver a more satisfying customer experience. Tactful Engage simplifies customer engagement by being present when and where customers need assistance, making interactions effortless and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Comprehensive Insights

More channels increases reach and enables companies to gather more data leading to deeper insights into customer preferences, behaviours, and needs. Tactful Engage enables companies to extend their personal engagement to new channels inviting marketing and support functions, providing valuable insights through an omnichannel view of customer engagement.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Tactful Engage empowers supervisors to strategically allocate resources by optimizing staffing and support across different channels and campaigns based on customer demand. This ensures efficient resource utilization and enhances overall operational effectiveness.

Higher Efficiency

Tactful Engage facilitates better coordination, management, and measurement of customer interactions, resulting in increased operational efficiency. With standard features like quick replies, a knowledge base, ticketing, and a 360° customer view, Tactful Engage enables companies to optimize agent productivity without incurring additional overhead costs as new channels are added.

Competitive Advantage

Providing a seamless omnichannel experience sets companies apart from their competitors. Tactful Engage enhances accessibility, speeds up response times, and improves the quality of engagement, attracting and retaining customers who value the convenience and flexibility offered by the platform. Gain an unfair advantage over competitors with Tactful Engage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different communication channels in an omnichannel strategy?

The different communication channels in an omnichannel strategy can include email, chat, phone, social media, SMS, and in-person interactions. Tactful Engage supports digital and voice channels and supports integrations which will enable in-person interactions such as in-store transactions and discussions to also be tracked.

How can omnichannel communication benefit customer engagement?

Omnichannel communication benefits customer engagement by providing customers the flexibility to choose their preferred communication channel, resulting in enhanced convenience and satisfaction.

What is a Unified Inbox in omnichannel communications?

Tactful Engage's Unified Inbox is a centralized platform that combines messages from multiple channels, allowing businesses to manage and respond to customer inquiries seamlessly in one place.

How does an omnichannel approach improve customer satisfaction?

An omnichannel approach improves customer satisfaction by offering a consistent and personalized experience across multiple channels, reducing friction and improving accessibility.

What are the advantages of integrating social media in omnichannel communications?

Integrating social media in omnichannel communications enables businesses to engage with customers on popular platforms, leverage user-generated content, and provide timely support. Extending your reach Tactful Engage enables you to engage the customer at a time and channel of their choice.

How can businesses effectively manage multiple communication channels?

Businesses can effectively manage multiple communication channels by using omnichannel communication software that offers a Unified Inbox, automation features, and centralized reporting. Without an omnichannel solution like Tactful Engage companies can have one or more parallel and disconnected communications streams and no ability to coordinate or streamline engagement.

What role does email play in an omnichannel communication strategy?

Email plays a crucial role in an omnichannel communication strategy as it allows for personalized and detailed communication, longer-form content, and ongoing customer relationships.

What metrics should businesses monitor to measure the success of their omnichannel strategy?

Businesses should monitor metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, response times, customer retention rates, conversion rates, and cross-channel engagement to measure the success of their omnichannel strategy. Tactful Engage provides engagement reports which can be filter by date, agent and channel to help customers measure and optimise performance.

Can small businesses benefit from implementing an omnichannel communication strategy?

Yes, small businesses can benefit from implementing an omnichannel communication strategy as it allows them to provide personalized customer experiences, compete with larger competitors, and build customer loyalty.

How can an omnichannel communication strategy help businesses improve their customer support?

An omnichannel communication strategy helps businesses improve customer support by allowing customers to connect through their preferred channels, providing faster response times, and enabling agents to have a holistic view of customer interactions for better issue resolution.