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Connect with your customers on one platform

Tactful Engage is a powerful omnichannel communications software designed to help you create meaningful and personalized interactions with your customers.

Connect with your audience across many channels, including email, social media, and voice and deliver a consistent and memorable experience for every customer.

Connect with your customers on one platform

Trusted by leading brands 

  • Accor Hotels
  • Mubadala
  • Etisalat
  • Burger King
  • Chery
  • OmniBSIC Bank
  • Elaraby Group

Built for growing businesses

Discover how Tactful Engage can drive business growth & operational efficiency

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Deliver consistent and personalized experiences across channels, exceeding expectations. Reduce response times, showcasing attentiveness and customer care while gathering real-time feedback for continuous improvement. Engage customers throughout their journey, across any channels building strong relationships.

Simplify Engagement

Simplify customer engagement with Unified Inbox for all channels.

Enable effortless channel switching while maintaining conversation continuity. Foster team collaboration for unified customer service, ensuring smooth information sharing and issue resolution all from your centralised Inbox.

Increase Revenue

Maximize revenue by reaching more customers through their preferred channels. Personalize recommendations and offers based on customer interactions, driving cross-selling and upselling while empowering sales teams with real-time customer data to provide personalized support and improve conversions.

Customer Engagement Made Easy

Discover the Tactful Engage way


Say goodbye to the hassle of managing customer inquiries from many channels individually.

Tactful Engage empowers agents to handle requests seamlessly and efficiently, aided by a performance-optimized platform.

Benefit from quick replies, real-time supervisor support in whisper mode and a knowledge base to support for consistent, high-quality responses.

Experience the transformative power of a Unified Inbox to enhance customer satisfaction through exceptional service across all channels.

Omnichannel communications make easy with Omni Engage
Queue Management & Routing

Tactful Engage's routing ensures inquiries are directed to the right agents, reducing response time and providing accurate assistance.

Supervisors can easily set and adjust Tactful Engage routing rules based on demand, distributing inquiries among agents for optimal workload balance and shorter wait times.

Priority-based routing caters to high-value customers, offering expedited support. With skill, queue, and priority options, Tactful Engage empowers supervisors to expertly manage customer engagement for maximum efficiency and satisfaction.


Streamline your customer interactions with an Omni Automate AI chatbot.

Enhance customer conversion and ensuring rapid response times and accessibility to accurate information.

Using an Omni Automate bot to automating routine inquiries like FAQs, your agents are empowered to focus on high-value customers, enhancing productivity and customer experience. With seamless human agent transition, the Omni Automate chatbot is your solution for efficient, consistent customer engagement. Experience its transformative impact today.

AI Chat Bot assisted discovery
Omni Engage delivers the metrics that matter and drive business success

Tactful Engage delivers the key metrics to propel your business to new heights.

Measure engagement and performance across all channels, keeping supervisors informed and empowering them to drive success.

With reporting on vital metrics such as interactions, response times, handling durations, missed connections, top performers, and detailed agent analytics supervisors have the metrics to matter at their fingertips to monitor agent performance and identify areas for improvement.

Be better connected to your customers

Manage communications from many channels directly from Unified Inbox


Create a live chat and engage with website visitors.


Connect with customers using Facebook Messenger.


Connect the world's most popular messaging platform.


Manage email alongside others channels for seamless customer engagement.

Facebook Page Comments

Moderate customer comments from Facebook users.


Connect voice calls direct from the Unified Inbox in a single click.