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Queue Management & Routing

Optimize resource utilisation and performance to boost customer satisfaction

Optimise agent utilisation with smart routing

Efficiency Gains

Automatically direct customer inquiries to the most appropriate agent based on their skills and availability. Omni Engage’s queue-based routing eliminates the need for manual transfers and ensures that customers receive prompt assistance reducing response times and allows agents to handle a higher volume of inquiries, boosting business productivity.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Intelligent skill-based routing of customer queries matches to the agent best equipped to handle them, ensuring customers receive accurate and timely support, delivering a more positive experience. Smart routing helps reduce frustration caused by long wait times or being transferred between multiple agents, fostering stronger customer relationships and enhancing satisfaction.

Improved Agent Performance

Assigning inquiries to agents based on their expertise and availability, ensures that agents are not overwhelmed with requests beyond their skillset or capacity. This efficient resource management not only leads to better performance, but also reduces stress and burnout among support agents. Omni Engage’s routing empowers agents to focus on providing high-quality support to customers, resulting in a more motivated and engaged team.

Smart Routing Options for Supervisors

Maximize Performance with Skill, Queue, and Priority-Based Routing Strategies

Skill-based routing to optimize experience

Smart routing ensures customer inquiries are directed to the most suitable agent based on their skills and expertise. This intelligent allocation not only reduces the response time but pairs customers with the agent most able to provide accurate and helpful advice. 
Omni Engage enables supervisors to set the routing rules and change them in an instant if demand dictates.

Skill-based routing to optimize experience
Use smart queue management to balance workloads and deliver more timely support

Balancing the load to deliver consistent support

Omni Engage smart routing algorithm evenly distributes customer inquiries among available agents, ensuring that no single agent is overwhelmed with requests while others are idle. This load balancing feature enables businesses to manage agent utilization properly, reduce wait times for customers, and enhance agent productivity. By ensuring a balanced distribution of inquiries, businesses can maintain high levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction, even during peak times.

Prioritize high-value customers for expedited support

Businesses can prioritize support for high-value customers, ensuring that they receive an expedited assistance. Priority-based routing helps businesses to nurture and retain their most valuable customers by providing them with a superior level of support and attention.

Taken together, skill, queue and priority based routing, Omni Engage has a flexible and powerful set of routing options to help every supervisor manage customer engagement expertly.

Prioritize high-value customers for expedited support

Routing in 3 Easy Steps

Streamline Customer Engagement with Smart Routing

Develop and implement routing rules

Supervisors can set routing rules based on a specific channel, the content of the message, or particular customer attributes. Once these profiles are defined messages that match can be automatically assigned to an agent or team. 

Review & Refine

With routing enabled, as resources, campaigns or priorities change supervisors can instantly adapt the routing rules to immediately respond to changing conditions to ensure that service commitments are kept and resources are prioritized appropriately.

Reporting insights

Supervisors can identify areas for improvement and optimization from Omni Engage reports and adjust routing rules to better distribute workload among agents or refining conditions to more accurately match customer inquiries with the best-suited agents or teams. This continuous monitoring and optimization process will help you maintain an efficient routing system that consistently delivers a high-quality customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is skill-based routing in omnichannel communication software?

Skill-based routing is an advanced feature in omnichannel communication software like Omni Engage where customer inquiries are directed to the most suitable agent based on their skills and expertise. This intelligent allocation ensures quicker response times, accurate information, and improved customer satisfaction across multiple communication channels.

How does skill-based routing improve customer satisfaction?

By directing customer inquiries to agents with the most relevant skills and expertise, skill-based routing ensures that customers receive accurate and helpful information. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, and a better overall customer experience.

Can skill-based routing help optimize agent workload?

Yes, skill-based routing not only ensures customers are matched with the right agent but also helps balance agent workload. By evenly distributing inquiries among available agents, businesses can reduce wait times for customers and enhance overall agent productivity.

Is skill-based routing suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, skill-based routing is an effective solution for businesses of all sizes, as it helps streamline customer support processes, improve agent productivity, and enhance overall customer satisfaction, leading to better business outcomes.

Can skill-based routing be customized to match my business's specific needs?

Yes, skill-based routing can be tailored to meet your business's specific needs by defining agent skills, setting priorities for high-value customers, and adjusting load balancing settings to optimize agent utilization in the Routing section of Omni Engage.

How does routing help retain high-value customers?

By prioritizing support for high-value customers and ensuring they receive personalized and expedited assistance, skill-based routing helps businesses nurture and retain their most valuable clients, leading to increased customer lifetime value and revenue growth.

Is it easy to implement skill-based routing in my existing customer support setup?

Yes, implementing skill-based routing in your existing customer support setup is straightforward Omni Engage. The platform offers seamless integration and customization options to help you quickly incorporate skill-based routing into your support processes.

What impact does skill-based routing have on agent performance and satisfaction?

Skill-based routing positively impacts agent performance and satisfaction by ensuring that agents handle inquiries they are best suited to address. This allows agents to feel more confident and competent in their work, leading to improved performance and higher job satisfaction.