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Engage. The Podcast

Insights & Expert Advice for Customer-Centric Businesses

Let's talk Customer Engagement

Welcome to Engage, the podcast dedicated to customer engagement

Join us as we dive into the world of customer engagement, featuring insightful conversations with business owners and industry professionals who have mastered the art of connecting with their customers. 

Discover their challenges, learn from their experiences, and get ready to implement their tried-and-tested strategies to elevate your own customer engagement game. 

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Current Episode

Matthias Zeitler

The Coliving Semkovo Story

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Engage Podcast! In this episode we delve into the fascinating world of Coliving and Coworking with our special guest, Matthias Zeitler, a visionary community-driven entrepreneur known for his success in developing Bansko, a town in Bulgaria, into a digital nomad hotspot with Coworking Bansko and Bansko Nomad Fest.

Matthias is a respected speaker, frequently featured in international media. The upcoming 2025 documentary will highlight his work with Coliving Semkovo.

Join host Omar Tarek as he uncovers Mathias’ journey in the Coliving and Coworking space. Whether you're a community-driven entrepreneur or a digital nomad, this episode is packed with insights and practical advice you don’t want to miss.

Tune in to learn about the intersection of entrepreneurship, community, and innovation, and get inspired to take your own projects to new heights.

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Season 2


The Co Movement: Innovating How We Live & Work

In this episode of Engage, we dive into conversation with Christian Schmitz, the Global Lead for Co-working at Salto Systems, about the fusion of technology and our environment. Christian is at the forefront of infusing technology into the very way we experience space. Here's what to expect:

Discover how traditional real estate is pivoting to meet the dynamic demands of modern living and working. Hear how the Co movement is reshaping not just our workspaces, but the essence of community in our urban landscapes and Christian unveils how to create adaptable, multipurpose environments that cater to an ever-evolving society.

Christian shares his journey, insights, and the wisdom that's propelled him to the forefront of this global shift. Whether you're in the industry or simply fascinated by the future of urban living, this episode of Engage promises to spark ideas and inspire action. Join us and be part of the conversation that's building tomorrow!

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Explore the future with Artificial Intelligence

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence and its impact on our lives with the thought-provoking podcast.

Discover why AI is not just a buzzword but a transformative force. The podcast unravels the mysteries of large language models, artificial intelligence and demystifying complex AI terms for everyone.

In this episode, host Omar Tarek explores how AI impacts various industries, and its potential implications for our careers with AI expert Ihab Tag.

Whether you're an AI enthusiast or a curious novice, this podcast will open your eyes to the possibilities AI presents. Tune in to gain a richer understanding of AI's transformative power and how you can thrive in this AI-driven future. 

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What is good service design?

What is good Service Design?

Discover the art of crafting exceptional customer experiences in the latest "Engage" podcast episode. Heimo Nordberg, a seasoned service design expert, shares invaluable wisdom, making it a must-listen for product professionals, newbies, and anyone eager to foster innovation and tackle complex challenges within their organization.

Explore the renowned Double Diamond model, a powerful framework for structured problem-solving. Heimo guides you through its phases, from problem identification to solution refinement.

Heimo also introduces customer journey mapping, a method for profound customer insights. He emphasizes team alignment, testing, and optimization throughout the design process.

Boost your service design toolkit, uncover fresh perspectives, and revolutionize your customer engagement approach with Heimo's expert advice. Elevate your service design game and create unforgettable customer journeys. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Season 1

Conversational AI Unleashed

Conversational AI Unleashed
Chatbot Revolution: From Conversations to Conversions in the Digital Age

Join us as we dive into Conversational AI and explore the chatbot revolution.

Experts Mathis Andre and Ihab Tag cut through the jargon to reveal the power and practical potential of chatbots in business today.

From enhancing customer experiences to streamlining support processes, we delve into the transformative impact of AI-driven chatbots. Discover how these intelligent bots are not just automating tasks, but forging meaningful connections that boost customer loyalty and drive growth.

Gain insights into crafting effective business cases, building customer trust, and navigating the fine line between human touch and AI interaction. 

Don't miss this powerful conversation that promises to reshape your perspective on Conversational AI.

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Building Better Connections:
Elevating Customer-Centric Communication

In this enlightening episode we explore customer-centric communication. Join industry experts Mitchell Barker and Mohamed Elmasry as they discuss how businesses are meeting heightened customer expectations, leveraging technology to create seamless interactions. 

Discover the art of crafting personalized customer journeys, driven by data, AI, and analytics. Whether you're a business professional, entrepreneur, or simply intrigued by evolving customer engagement strategies, this podcast offers valuable insights into building strong customer relationships.

Explore how to enhance customer experiences, stay relevant in a fast-paced market, and create meaningful connections. Tune in for actionable tips on revolutionizing customer interactions and listen out for keys to fostering lasting customer relationships that drive business success.

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The Power of Telephony & Business App Integration

Thomas Jeshøj joins us to discusses the critical role of integrating business communications with other systems to enhance customer engagement and create value. 

You will learn about application-centric and branch-centric integrations and hear why companies are increasingly adopting integrations with their CRM, ERP, and ticketing systems to improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and drive sales growth.

Discover why Thomas believes personalization, knowing your customer persona, and crafting unique customer journeys based on data points have becoming essential to deliver exceptional service and retain loyal customers any how the integration trend will only intensify, and companies that embrace this shift will outperform competitors and avoid being disrupted.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation on how integrating telephony with business applications can lead to profound improvements in customer engagement and overall business performance.

Thomas brings over 20 years of experience in the telephony industry, and his technical background and passion for integrations shine through in the discussion.

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Shifting focus from company to customers

On this episode, we explore the crucial question of how companies can shift their focus from themselves to their customers with Mike Wittenstein, a customer experience strategist and consultant.

Listen out for the three fundamental steps to make this transformative shift happen and hear Mike share personal anecdotes and real-life examples, making the concepts relatable and applicable for any business striving to improve customer engagement.

Get inspired to rethink your organization's approach to customer experience, aligning it with the needs and expectations of the people you serve.

Mike Wittenstein is a highly respected customer experience and business innovation expert. His company, Storyminers, is known for helping clients successfully develop new experiences with supportive cultures that drive sustainable growth.

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Secrets to understanding your customers

Secrets to understanding your customers

Lee Carmichael joins the podcast to talk customer experience.

In this thought provoking episode Lee shares his insights on how to identify customers’ pain points, discover their goals and how to adapt your onboarding process to their needs. 

Hear how tailoring onboarding to customer needs helps build loyalty, why no two customers are the same, and why recognising every customer as an individual is key to winning their trust and retaining their business. 

Listen now.

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Engage Podcast: Building a customer-centric company

What does customer-centric mean and how can businesses adopt that mindset?

Join us on this episode, where host Chris Parker and Mohamed Elmasry speak with Daan De Wever about the future of business communication and how to provide meaningful connections to your customers. 

Listen now. 

Daan is a visionary entrepreneur and business leader with a proven track record of success in the telecom and cloud-based business communications industry. 

He is the co-founder and CEO of Dstny Group. a top European provider of cloud-based business communications solutions.

Dstny simplifies communication for companies, partners, and service providers by offering interactive tools as-a-service across all formats, including voice, video, and chat.  Headquartered in Brussels, Dstny employs approximately 1000 people across 7 European countries and generates around €250 million in annual revenue.

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Listen Now: Tired of soulless Customer Service?

Tired of soulless customer service interactions? 

Discover how chatbots and conversational AI are revolutionizing customer engagement by providing human-centered, inclusive experiences. 

Join us on this episode of Engage, where host Chris Parker talks with Hans van Dam, CEO of Conversation Design Institute, about the art and science of crafting meaningful conversations between humans and machines. 

Learn how to bring poets and engineers together to craft better customer service experiences that not only solve problems but also make people feel understood and respected. 

Don't miss this powerful discussion on the future of customer experience and the importance of bringing humanity into the world of AI. 

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