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Actionable insights to optimise for high performance customer engagement

Real time reporting helps supervisors and business leaders make data driven decisions

Improve resource management

Omni Engage reports on agent utilization helping businesses identify areas to optimize workload distribution using smart routing tools and improve productivity. By understanding how agents are spending their time across different channels, businesses can make informed decisions to allocate resources effectively and ensure optimal agent performance.

Optimize handling time for enhanced customer experience

Insights into handling time across various communication channels, enabling businesses to identify bottlenecks and streamline processes. By monitoring and analyzing handling time data, businesses can implement targeted improvements to reduce response times, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Monitor agent performance for continuous improvement

Track and measure agent performance across all channels. Use Omni Engage to identify top-performing agents, uncover best practices, and implement targeted coaching and training programs to elevate the overall performance of your customer support team.

Performance Matters

Optimizing for success with customer engagement metrics

Building a high performance culture

Cultivating a high-performance culture is essential for achieving exceptional results and driving agents towards success.

Omni Engage not only optimizes performance with its productivity-enhancing features but also offers a comprehensive reporting suite that elevates your business to new heights. By providing supervisors with the ability to measure engagement and performance across all channels, our omnichannel communications software ensures that your team is consistently informed and driven towards success.

Track agent performance and identify opportunities for improvement
Realtime reporting provides supervisors with agent performance and customer engagement insights

Monitoring customer engagement

Omni Engage delivers comprehensive reporting on all crucial customer engagement metrics, such as interactions, response times, handling durations, missed connections, top performers, and in-depth agent performance analytics. With the ability to filter views by channel and time, our platform offers a granular perspective on your team's performance.

Empower your supervisors with Omni Engage and take complete control of your agent's performance.

Measuring success & maintaining standards

Omni Engage enables companies to continuously monitor Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance and facilitates proactive identification of over or underperforming channels, enabling targeted strategies for improvement.

Experience the benefits of a data-driven approach in optimizing your business operations and maintaining exceptional SLA performance with Omni Engage.

Gain insights into contact handling and agent performance

Reporting Features

Performance Metrics

Omni Engage delivers detailed performance metrics that help businesses monitor and evaluate their customer support team's efficiency, response time, and overall effectiveness, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for improvement.

Agent Evaluation

Supervisors can evaluate agent metrics to assess the performance of individual customer support agents, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and provide targeted training and support to help them improve.

Real-time Reporting

Omni Engage provides real-time reporting, enabling businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest customer support trends and make timely, informed decisions.

Historical Data Analysis

Analyze historical customer support data to identify patterns and trends over time, and make strategic decisions based on changing behaviours.

SLA Monitoring

Maintaining service levels is critical for many businesses and Omni Engage makes it easy. Clear, accessible headline metrics allow supervisors to track performance and keep a close watch to ensure service levels are being maintained.


Omni Engage reports have a powerful filtering capability which allows supervisors to drill down and review data by channel, agent, team or channel to gain more detailed insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key reporting features to look for in omnichannel communication software?

Key reporting features in omnichannel communication software like Omni Engage include real-time analytics, historical data analysis, channel-specific metrics, and agent performance tracking. All are available out-of-the-box for all Omni Engage users.

How do omnichannel communication software reporting tools help improve customer service?

Reporting tools in omnichannel communication software provide insights into customer interactions, agent performance, and channel effectiveness. This data helps businesses identify areas for improvement, optimize response times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. Omni Engage delivers this important business intelligence on demand and in real time direct from the Reports menu.

How can I track agent performance using omnichannel communication software reporting?

Omni Engage provides metrics to trace agent performance including response time and resolution time allowing you to monitor and evaluate agent performance across all channels.

How do reporting tools in omnichannel communication software help with team collaboration?

Omni Engage provide insights into team performance, workload distribution, and individual agent metrics, enabling supervisors to make informed decisions about resource allocation and collaboration.

How does Omni Engage help with identifying trends and patterns in customer interactions?

Omni Engage provides data on customer interactions across channels, helping businesses identify trends, patterns, and potential issues that may impact customer satisfaction.

How can I use omnichannel communication software reporting to measure the effectiveness of my customer support channels?

Users can filter Omni Engage reports to provide channel-specific metrics, such as response times and resolution rates, enabling you to evaluate the effectiveness of each customer support channel.

How does omnichannel communication software reporting help with optimizing response times?

Omni Engage provide insights into response times across different channels and agents, enabling businesses to identify bottlenecks, allocate resources effectively, and optimize response times for improved customer satisfaction.

Can I see how many contacts were handled or missing in Omni Engage?

Yes. This information is collected in real-time and available via Agent Reports. You can filter this information by time, agent or channel too.