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Cross-functional collaboration and issue management made simple 

Manage your tickets with ease

Extended Customer Support

Integrated ticketing support enables customer issues to be triaged, tracked and assigned efficiently. Agents answering customer inquiries can view a ticket status, or open and close tickets directly from the Unified Inbox, where the agent has full control and visibility in a 360° view of the customer engagement, from past conversation history to ticketing.

Seamless Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Businesses can facilitate seamless collaboration across functional teams. Agents can share information, notes, and updates within tickets, ensuring that relevant knowledge is readily available to teams to action and provide consistent and informed responses to customers. This promotes teamwork and empowers agents to deliver exceptional customer service.

Monitor agent performance for continuous improvement

Track and measure agent performance across all channels. Use Omni Engage to identify top-performing agents, uncover best practices, and implement targeted coaching and training programs to elevate the overall performance of your customer support team.

Streamlined Customer Support Operations

Efficient ticket management drives collaboration and resolution

Cross-Functional Collaboration and Issue Resolution

Omni Engage's ticketing feature enables cross-functional collaboration and issue resolution across departments in a company. Besides customer support, tickets track and address internal inquiries and incidents.

Creating internal tickets in the Unified Inbox streamlines communication, task assignment, and progress tracking in Omni Engage.

This enhances collaboration, improves processes, and ensures timely resolution of internal challenges, boosting organizational productivity.

Collaborate with team mates effortlessly
Collaborate with team mates effortlessly

Product & Service Improvement

Ticketing in Omni Engage gathers valuable customer feedback on product and service experiences. Companies open tickets for suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports, serving as a valuable source for insights.

Incorporating customer feedback drives product and service improvements, enhancing customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

Product Returns & Warranty Claims 

Companies use ticketing directly from the Unified Inbox to efficiently handle product returns and warranty claims. They create tickets for initiating returns or filing warranty claims.

The ticketing system tracks and manages these requests promptly, adhering to company policies. This streamlined process boosts customer satisfaction, reduces response times, and enhances post-purchase experiences.

Collaborate with team mates effortlessly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ticketing functionality in an omnichannel communications software?

Ticketing functionality refers to the capability of the software like Omni Engage to create, manage, and track customer support tickets across multiple channels. It allows businesses to centralize customer inquiries, assign them to appropriate agents, track their progress, and ensure timely resolution, resulting in streamlined customer support operations.

What are the benefits of using ticketing in an omnichannel software?

Using ticketing in Omni Engage offers several benefits. It enables businesses to efficiently manage customer inquiries, ensuring no query is overlooked. Ticketing also provides a systematic approach to track and prioritize customer issues, leading to improved response times and enhanced customer satisfaction. It facilitates collaboration among support teams, enables data-driven insights through reporting and analytics, and can allow for seamless integration with other customer support tools and platforms.

How can ticketing streamline customer support in an omnichannel communications system?

Ticketing streamlines customer support by centralizing customer inquiries from various channels into the Unified Inbox. Agents can assign and track tickets, ensuring that customer issues are promptly addressed by the right agents. By providing a structured workflow, ticketing minimizes response times, avoids duplication of efforts, and enables consistent and personalized interactions, ultimately leading to efficient and effective customer support.

Can ticketing in an omnichannel software improve response times?

Yes, the ticketing features in Omni Engage can improve response times. By centralizing and organizing customer inquiries, ticketing ensures that every ticket is assigned to an available agent promptly. Additionally, ticketing provides agents with a holistic view of customer interactions, enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently, ultimately improving overall response times.

How can ticketing enhance collaboration among support teams in an omnichannel communications software?

Ticketing enhances collaboration among support teams in Omni Engage providing a shared platform to manage and discuss customer inquiries. Agents can collaborate within tickets, share internal notes, assign tasks, and provide updates, facilitating seamless communication and knowledge sharing. This promotes teamwork, enables efficient issue resolution, and ensures consistent customer service across the support teams.

Can an omnichannel ticketing system integrate with other customer support tools or platforms?

Yes, Omni Engage can integrate with other support tools or platforms. It allows for seamless integration with CRM and ERP systems via APIs. Integration enables an extended unified view of customer interactions, synchronizes data across different systems, and provides a comprehensive and centralized customer support solution, improving efficiency and customer service.

How can I optimize ticketing processes for improved customer satisfaction with Omni Engage?

To optimize ticketing processes for improved customer satisfaction with Omni Engage, focus on a few key aspects. First, ensure that tickets are assigned and routed efficiently, minimizing response times. Second, personalize customer interactions by leveraging customer data and past ticket history. Third, provide self-service options through a knowledge base or FAQ section to empower customers to find solutions independently. Lastly, regularly analyze ticket metrics and customer feedback to identify areas for improvement. Monitor customer satisfaction scores, response times, and resolution rates to gauge the effectiveness of your ticketing processes. Continuously train and empower your support agents to provide exceptional service, and regularly review and optimize your ticketing workflows based on customer feedback and evolving needs. By continuously striving to enhance your ticketing processes, you can drive improved customer satisfaction and loyalty in your omnichannel solution.

How do integrations work within a Unified Inbox for streamlined workflow and efficiency?

App Integrations in Omni Engage allow businesses to seamlessly connect their favorite tools and platforms, such as CRM systems. This enables support agents to access relevant data and tools within a single interface, streamlining workflows, and improving overall efficiency.