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Retail giant sees customer retention soar 60% & productivity skyrocket

Case Study | 2 min read

Elaraby is an industrial, retail and commercial powerhouse in the Middle East where is has operated for over 50 years.

The conglomerate partnered with Omni Engage to tackle the growing challenges it faced maintaining a reputation for customer excellence as the company continued to expand.

Today Elaraby employs over 40,000 people, managing 14 global brands under license across 25 categories including consumer electronics, whitegoods and exports to over 60 countries.

The $10 billion dollar business dominates the Egyptian market with over 35% share and maintains a vast network of 3,000 sales partners, 20 branded stores and more than 600 after sales service centres.

Growing demand invites new challenges

The company has enjoyed strong growth in recent years which has fuelled an explosion in customer engagement. Elaraby now boasts over 2.5m social media followers, sees 1 million monthly visitors to the company’s ecommerce store, and thousands of conversations every day from millions of customer interactions.

Facing increasing customer support demand, a growing expectation among Elaraby’s customers that customer service should be easy and accessible, and the company’s hard won reputation for outstanding service to protect Elaraby needed to act.

Transforming Customer Engagement

Tackling the growing volume of customer engagements was the critical first step in the transformation of customer engagement program and regaining control.

The triage of new requests using Omni Engage relieved pressure on agents.

Omni Engage enabled enquiries to be qualified and expedited by requesting qualifying questions and routed appropriately or answers delivered autonomously by an automated agent.

In just three steps, Omni Engage transformed the way Elaraby manages fluctuating demand for support and growing expectations from customer support teams.

  • A Omni Engage AI-powered chatbot serves to triage thousands of communications across the company’s different support touch points every day relieving pressure on the support team.
  • Categorising and prioritising enquiries enables Elaraby’s customer engagement teams concentrate effort where is matter most and Omni Engage’s AI-assist technology helps support teams serve customers faster using a built-in knowledge base.
  • Ticketing and CRM integrations complement the unified customer engagement functions allowing Elaraby’s agents to log customers’ requests and coordinate back office operations which reduce operational errors and improve visibility.

Today the company manages thousands of tickets per month using Omni Engage, from maintenance, installation, customer complaints to general enquiries.

Business booms as retention rate rockets

Omni Engage has helped Elaraby post impressive results with customer retention soaring 60% as response times were slashed and personalised recommendations prompted greater engagement.

Conversion rocketed 250% as customers were guided towards relevant products and services aided by Omni Engage.

Agent productivity improved 3x using a fully digitised customer experience management solution with Omni Engage triaging thousands of customers requests freeing the team to focus on critical matters and aggregating 13 brands across many digital channels using centralised dashboard, simplifying customer engagement and helping Elaraby realise huge productivity gains.



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