Tactful UCX

AI-Powered Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

Tactful UCX is the all-in-one solution for growing enterprises looking for scalable AI-powered customer engagement software to boost customer retention, optimize operations, maximize sales, and have deep insights into their customers’ journey.

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Omnichannel experience

Unified communication at scale

Tactful UCX is the one platform for unified customer communications across all touchpoints. Tactful UCX helps you manage inbound requests and drive outbound engagement using a consistent omnichannel approach.

Omnichannel experience
Agent desktop

Agent desktop

User info, history, tickets all in one place

Tactful Unified Agent Desktop provides immediate 360 view of your customer right in the same interface to help your team understand your customer journey and previous requests so they can provide quick and seamless customer experience.

Tactful Unified Agent Desktop integrates advanced AI-powered-agent-assist technology to give your agents real-time recommendations and information to assist them to provide quick and accurate personalized answers to your customers’ inquiries.

Integrated AI chatbot

Self-service powered by AI

Create the best self-service conversational experiences using smart and self-learning virtual assistants powered by advanced multilingual artificial intelligence technology.

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Integrated ticketing system

Track, prioritize & solve customer support tickets all in one place

Streamline customers’ requests & boost customer loyalty in Tactful’s intuitive and easy-to-use ticketing system.

Integrated CMS

Enable self-service & remove frictions

Add your business content including products, services, FAQs, and knowledge into the integrated content management system to provide a seamless conversational self-service experience.


Customer engagement analytics

Manage performance & optimize operations

Measure team and individual performance down to the minute; monitor handle times, SLAs, customer sentiment & more.

Generate reports using predefined templates or build your own, and schedule reports to keep stakeholders up to date. Drill down on specific reports to view the underlying data and identify areas for improvement.

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