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Automate and personalize customer experience at scale and reduce
costs, boost sales and customer retention across touchpoints
using Tactful Multilingual Conversational AI technology.

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Understand Customers Intents in Natural Language

70% of customers prefer conversational channels such as webchat, social media and others to engage with a business. Using Tactful Multilingual AI you can detect frequent customers intents and provide them instant answers and recommendations to reduce the burden on your team and boost customer satisfaction.

02-True Conversational AI Technology English (1)

True conversational AI technology

Build intelligent virtual assistants

Most chatbots are rule-based which bounds their abilities and the level of self-service they can provide. Using Tactful Multilingual AI technology you can build intelligent virtual assistants that adapt to changing customers needs and learn as being used.

AI-based virtual assistants will sound natural and much more engaging for the best customer experience and cost-effective operations.

AI agent assist

Turn your agents into superhumans

Using Tactful AI-agent-assist technology you can turn your agents into superhumans. Tactful Multilingual AI technology will remain engaged during live conversations between customers and agents and will identify the best course of action that your agent can take to respond to customers’ needs in an accurate and personalized way.

This can also take into consideration previous customer interactions and similar previous cases.

03-AI Agent Assist
04-Multiligual Supported AI

Multilingual supported AI

Cognitive search

With AI powered search your customers can look-up information in large content and knowledge base using natural language. Combined with AI based recommendations that takes in consideration customer history and preferences, you can deliver the best personalized self-service experience in the market.

AI-powered routing & queues

Boost your support team productivity

With Tactful Multilingual AI you can build smart queues that your customers will get routed to based on dynamic conversational factors that are evaluated in real-time.

Now you can identify the type and details of customers’ requests and direct them to the right queue while taking into consideration matters like customer sentiment, interactions history, and CRM information.

07-Boost Your Support Team Productivity
08-Voice Enabled (1)

Voice enabled

Including voice sentiment analysis

Virtual assistants built using Tactful Multilingual AI technology can be also deployed on traditional voice channels such as phone lines as well as modern channels such as smart speakers and other gadgets.

Using native integrations with major call center platforms, Tactful Multilingual AI can also be used in use cases like intelligent IVR and AI-agent assist over voice calls.

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