Multilingual AI Chatbot

Engage, reach & convert

Convert website visitors, app users & social media audience into paying customers instantly. Proactively resolve customers problems and automate sales & support, all at one step

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Consistent experience across channels

True omnichannel customer experience

Boost customer satisfaction, retention and sales by giving
your customers consistent experience across digital platforms
using a true omnichannel technology.

+45 Million Interactions

Made using Tactful AI chatbot

85% of issues resolved via AI

Without human intervention

3x faster deployment

Using no-code AI chatbot builder

Best customer experience 24/7

Deliver excellent service around the clock

Augment your customer service team by giving them virtually
unlimited bandwidth. Tactful AI Chatbot will help you
automate most of typical customers requests, 24/7.

AI-powered personalized experience & recommendations

Make every customer feels special

Tactful Virtual Assistants will understand your customer’s
needs and will suggest best products and services taking
in consideration previous interactions and preferences.

Ultimate self-service experience

Record all requests and intelligently open service tickets

Enhance customer experience and operational efficiency by extending self-service options and automating complex requests. With Tactful Smart Virtual Assistants you can automate complex customer support scenarios and record all requests in the integrated ticketing dashboard.

Advanced use cases tailored to your business needs


The AI chatbot in the banking can be installed on premise
to provide the maximum security to the customer’s data.
It can also support auto pilot, track spending habits and
provide credit score; that all offer recommendations for
a better money management.

06-Self Improving & Multilingual AI Technology sec option

Self improving and
multilingual AI technology

Deliver natural & convenient experience​s

Multilingual and superior Arabic support for natural and convenient
customer engagement. Tactful state-of-the-art AI technology also
learns from customers’ interactions and improves every single day.

Why fast growing brands choose Tactful AI

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