AI-Powered Customer Experience Analytics

Every Conversation is an Opportunity

with Tactful’s Customer Experience Analytics

Tactful i-Sight will supercharge your customer satisfaction and sales by using AI to analyze every customer conversation and provide deep insights that you wouldn’t be able to extract using conventional analytics.

CX Analytics

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Some of CX Analytics Use Cases

Compliance & Adherence

Customer Satisfaction

Competitive Analysis

Service Quality

Agent Development

New Opportunities

Marketing ROI

Non Spoken Issues

Process Improvement

Monitor & Control

Boost Customer Experience Quality

Traditional methods of measuring customer experience quality don’t scale and very expensive. Tactful i-Sight technology deep dive into every conversation and automatically extract valuable insights such as customer satisfaction score, common issues, pain points and more at fraction of cost and time.

Customer Experience Quality
Omnichannel Analytics Technology

Omnichannel Analytics Technology

Holistic and 360 Approach

Customers use multiple channels for communication so your analytics need to cover them all. Tactful i-Sight is an omnichannel analytics technology, it digests all customer’s communications and extract their journey on all different touch-points to draw a 360 profile that you can use to understand issues and enhance retention.

Understand Relations

Understand Relations

It’s about Products, Customers, Team, & Processes

Best customer experience starts with the right product, for the right customer, delivered by skilled team and following the right processes. As things scale, understanding the gaps and drawing relations in this quadrant using traditional methods can be next to impossible. Tactful i-Sight leverages AI to help you make sense of large volume of customers interactions and find patterns that you never imagined they exist.

Voice Sentiment Analysis

Voice Sentiment Analysis

Quality Under Control

The days of sitting and listening to tons of call recordings or reading thousands of conversations to measure service quality are long gone.

Tactful i-Sight can crunch massive number of conversations in different forms and provide automatic reports for service quality, process adherence and violations so you can focus on improving the actual service.

Multilingual Analytics

Understand Customers Intents in Any Language

Tactful i-Sight is powered by a true multilingual AI technology, now you can measure and track customer experience by analyzing conversations spoken by any language and any dialect across your customers base. The multilingual AI technology enables cohesive and intuitive analysis cross different territories and customers cohorts.

Multilingual AI CX Analytics


AI Powered

Tactful i-Sight uses several layers of AI and Natural Language Processing to extract deep insights from daily customers conversations and other interactions and business data.


Tactful i-Sight works across all channels including voice and digital to help you draw 360 picture of your customers experience and find opportunities and ways to improve.

Scale meets Efficiency

Tactful i-Sight is enterprise grade advanced CX analytics solution that helps you digest and analyze large number of customers interactions at the fraction of cost and time required by traditional approaches.

Find Skills Gap & Improper Behaviours

It’s about Continuous Improvement

Your team skills and competencies define your brand image and value. Tactful i-Sight can help you understand skills gap or improper behaviours so you can build training and development programs for your team to ensure best standards when it comes to your customers relationship management.

Customers Relationship Management
Market Intelligence

Detect Patterns & Find Trends

Market Intelligence

Your customers will often tell you about ways to improve your products and services but this can be easily overlooked in increasingly overwhelming operations. Tactful i-Sight will extract market intelligence information from daily customers’ conversation so you stay ahead of the game.

Avoid Brand Damage

Stay Informed

We all would like to be immediately informed when there are critical issues and trends that are emerging. Using Tactful i-Sight you can set up alerts and automations that will be triggered once the system detects anomalies or uprising trends. Example you can set up an alert to trigger when system detects consistent spikes in negative customer sentiment during the day so you can investigate and act instantaneously.

AI Based CX Alerts
CX Optimization

CX Optimization

Optimize Experience in Real Time

By adding Tactful i-Sight to live customer conversations management, your team can get directions & recommendation on how to deal with customers in particular scenarios based on learning from similar customer behaviors in the past.

How it works?


Using Tactful i-Sight interactive interface you can set up insights measurements based on business objectives and different data sources.


Tactful i-Sight gathers customers’ interactions data from multiple communication channels such as voice, email, social media, webchat, mobile app and much more.


Tactful i-Sight processes each conversation and extract patterns and insights and correlates these to the customer journey, team capabilities, products and services.


Use Tactful i-Sight flexible reporting dashboard to visualize and review generated insights. The integrated interactive analyzer will help you dig deeper into each conversation and understand driving factors.

Tactful CX Analytics Architecture

Tactful CX AI Conversational Analytics Architecture​

Why Fast Growing Brands Choose Tactful UCX


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market

Enterprise Grade Platform

Enterprise Ready

Security & SLA

Tactful UCX offers superior security & guarantee outstanding service-level agreement, as well as flexible integrations.

Cost Effective

Scalable & Affordable

Tactful UCX has been built to flexibly grow as your business grows. You can add more users & features without worrying about reliability or past investment.

Flexible Deployment

Stay Compliant & Agile

Tactful UCX is an infrastructure agnostic solution. You can enjoy our managed cloud offering or deploy Tactful UCX on your private cloud or on-premises data center.

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