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AI-powered Customer Experience & Support Software for Ecommerce

Retail & Ecommerce Customer Service Platform

These businesses & more trust Tactful to boost customer satisfaction, productivity, & sales

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Supercharge Customer Retention & Growth using AI

  • Omnichannel Live Chat
  • Ticketing System
  • AI Chatbot
  • Knowledgebase & CMS
  • Whatsapp for Business
Unified Agent Desktop

Unified Communication at Scale

Unify and centralize customer communications across all touch points. The integrated unified agent desktop helps you manage inbound requests & drive outbound engagement using a consistent omnichannel approach.
AI Ticketing System

Track, Prioritize & Solve Customer Support Tickets All in One Place

Streamline customers' requests in Tactful's intuitive and easy to use Ticketing system. Personalize and boost customer loyalty using advanced and feature rich ticketing solution.

Engage, Reach & Convert using Tactful Multilingual AI Chatbots

Convert website visitors, app users & social media audience into paying customers instantly. Proactively resolve customers problems and automate sales & support, all at one step.
Knowledge Base & CMS

Flexible Knowledgebase & Content Management System

The integrated simple and flexible knowledge base and content management will help you organize your business content and knowledge to improve self-service and provide your agents with on-demand information to support your customers.

Billions of Customers are Using WhatsApp Everyday

Using bundled WhatsApp for business integration you can engage, support and sell to your customers on the most trusted and used messaging app in the world.
To simplify operation and boost visibility you will be able to engage with these customers from the same central dashboard.

Ecommerce Customer Support Software

Boost Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Churn

  • Analyze & understand why churn occurs with cognitive analytics.

  • Engage with your customers on their favourite channel.

  • Facilitate customer requests with self-service.

  • Increase customer loyalty and retention by offering a high-quality customer experience.

AI-Powered Chatbot Software for Ecommerce & Retail

Deliver Personalized Shopping Experience

  • Personalize and speed service using Tactful Multilingual AI.

  • Segment your customers according to their historical interaction and connect them with matched agents using AI-routing.

  • Provide multi-channel brand experience all time to your customers.

  • Personalize custom-tailored offers and recommendations according to customers’ needs

Ecommerce Chatbot Software
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping Bot Software for Ecommerce Store

Minimise Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Identify leaks in your conversion funnel using Tactful UCX sales insights.

  • Target cart abandoners with remarketing by outbound engagement feature.

  • Sell on any channel using conversational AI

  • Remove online shopping traditional doubts by instantly answering customers inquiries using knowledgebase and AI

Help Desk & Ticketing System for Ecommerce & Retail

Catch Up With Fast-Paced Customers

  • Keep up with your customers’ demands and stay organized with the ticketing system.

  • Provide a consistent omnichannel shopping and support experience

  • Figure out what grabbed your customer attention using customer 360 and unified agent desktop

Ticketing System
Ecommerce CMS Integrations
Ecommerce CMS Integrations

Integrate With Your Favourite Ecommerce CMS

See how Tactful can help you boost productivity & sales in action.

Omnichannel Live Chat Software for Ecommerce & Retail Stores

Scale Your Business Without Losing Focus

  • Control all operations from the central management dashboard no matter how complex it gets.

  • Manage customers interactions across channels from the unified agent desktop.

  • Split your team into specialized queues to increase efficiency and distribute tasks with AI-powered routing.

Omnichannel Engagement
Arabic AI Chatbot for Shopify & Magento

AI Chatbot For Shopify & Magento

Reduce Cost of Moderation using AI

  • Empower your agents with AI-agent assist so he can do more in less time.

  • Boost team collaboration using live Agent-2-Agent assist.

  • Integrate with any team collaboration software to encourage knowledge share.

Cognitive Analytics & Ecommerce Business Intelligence

Get Better Customers’ Insights With Analytics

  • Understand customer intentions and transform data into decisions with sales, and marketing quality insights.

  • Uncover issues as well as opportunties using customer journey analysis

  • Take proactive actions towards issues and avoid negative impact on your business.

Business Intelligence for Customer Experience
CX Real Time Insights

Best-in-Class Customer Satisfaction Platform

Track After-Sale Customer Satisfaction

  • Handle after-sales enquiries automatically using Tactful AI conversational chatbot.

  • Open and manage tickets using AI powered ticketing system

  • Measure customer satisfaction using surveys.

Why Fast Growing Brands Choose Tactful UCX


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market

Case Study
2.5x Higher Conversion Rate | ELARABY Group

ElARABY Customer Experience
“We at Elaraby have worked with Tactful to build a comprehensive customer experience platform to manage and deliver the best customer experience across all digital platforms, since started we have seen spectacular improvements in customer satisfaction, online conversion, and operations efficiency. The results have been exceeding our expectations on all fronts.”
ElARABY Customer Experience
Manal Negmeldin, Head of Digital & Omnichannel at ELARABY GROUP
Benefits In Numbers
Ecommerce / Retail

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