AI-Powered Omnichannel
Contact Center Platform for CCaaS

Boost Customers Confidence and Optimize Operations

With Tactful Cognitive Customer Experience Platform

Tactful UCX will help you build best CCaaS offering for your customers and supercharge your business growth.

Voice Call Capabilities

These businesses & more trust Tactful to boost customer satisfaction, productivity, & sales

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Future is Digital - Now is Mixed - Unified isn’t a Luxury

To stand out of competition, your CCaaS solutions have to support the different consumers preferences in how they contact businesses.

CCaaS & Bpo Communication Trends
Omnichannel Engagement

True Omnichannel Customer Experience

Provide 24/7 Omnichannel CCaaS

Tactful UCX and unified control and engagement dashboard you be able to provide best omnichannel service in the market. With support of all digital and traditional channels, Tactful UCX will be your central place for managing all communications.

AI Chatbot & AI-Agent Assist

Boost Productivity & Optimize Cost

  • Offer best in class self-service Integrated multilingual AI & chatbot engines.

  • Augment agents using AI-agent assist mode.

  • Boost sales & retention using AI-powered recommendations & customer 360.

Self Service Knowledge Base
Unified Agent Desktop

Single Interface

AI-Powered Unified Agent Desktop

Tactful UCX unified agent desktop is designed to keep your agents focused on delivering best customer experience while empowering them with realtime AI based recommendations and providing all necessary tools to get the job done accurately and quick.

Build Complex Workflows With Ease

Organize Operations & Boost Engagement

  • Record requests and organize operations using integrated ticketing system.

  • Optimize workflows using skills based and intelligent queues.

  • Supercharge customer engagement and drive sales using integrated digital campaigns manager.

Workflow Studio Builder
For Managers & Executives
Enterprise Deployment options

Enterprise Ready

Scalable Technology & Flexible Deployment

  • Scale operations up and down easily while offering steller SLA agreement.

  • Cloud agnostic solution with instant deployment on all major platforms.

  • Flexible deployment options to cater for different needs including on-prem and private cloud support.

Streamline Your Business Operations

Optimize Workflow

  • Leverage AI and workflow automations to transform manual and labor intensive tasks into light speed automatic workflows.

  • Tactful UCX customer 360 technology will bring all necessary information under your team fingertips for swift and seamless customer experience.

Customer Insights
Voice Call Capabilities

AI-Powered Routing Technology

Boost Call Center Efficiency Using Intelligent Routing

  • AI powered routing to dynamically optimize queues and customer experience.

  • Direct customers to the right agents based on complex factors including sentiment, customer history, CRM data, marketing campaigns, etc.

CX Analytics

Turn Conversations into Opportunities

AI-Powered Customer Experience & Quality Control CCaaS Analytics

Tactful i-Sight will supercharge your customer satisfaction and sales by using AI to analyze every customer-agents conversation and provide deep insights that you wouldn’t be able to extract using conventional analytics.

Why Fast Growing Brands Choose Tactful UCX


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market


Better Customer Retention


Better Productivity


Better Conversion Rate


Faster Time-To-Market

Enterprise Grade Platform

Enterprise Ready

Security & SLA

Tactful UCX offers superior security & guarantee outstanding service-level agreement, as well as flexible integrations.

Cost Effective

Scalable & Affordable

Tactful UCX has been built to flexibly grow as your business grows. You can add more users & features without worrying about reliability or past investment.

Flexible Deployment

Stay Compliant & Agile

Tactful UCX is an infrastructure agnostic solution. You can enjoy our managed cloud offering or deploy Tactful UCX on your private cloud or on-premises data center.

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