Tactful AI sponsored Mitel United 2022

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By Noha Abdel-Tawab

On Thursday October 13, Tactful AI attended and sponsored this year’s Mitel United event under the theme, ‘Digital Workplace: Next Generation.’ It was held at the Grand Ballroom, Conrad hotel in Dubai, UAE, where global partners and industry leaders gathered together to discuss the future technology after COVID-19.

Our very own Hossam Zaki, Head of Partners (EMEA), also gave a talk, entitled ‘How AI can accelerate your business growth, retention, and quality control.’ In Zaki’s presentation, he showcased several CX challenges that Tactful AI encountered throughout the years, and how we were able to help businesses elevate their digital experience.

The flexibility of deployment and multilingual support is no longer an option for global brands. And this was a good chance for Tactful AI to present how we empower various verticals to upgrade their workplace and business growth with a no-code, cognitive platform, enabling them to cut operational costs and enhance interactions across multiple channels.

“Connecting with technology enthusiasts is always enriching. This year’s Mitel United tackled an essential topic for us all. It’s in gatherings like these that we get the chance to discuss tech-related topics and work towards achieving common goals. Thanks to Mitel for inviting us,” Hossam Zaki, Head of Partners.

About Mitel

Mitel is a global market leader in business communications. Founded nearly 50 years ago, they help businesses and service providers connect, collaborate and provide innovative services to their customers. Their innovation and communications experts serve business users in more than 100 countries.

About Tactful AI

Tactful is a leading and private technology company based in the UK, with a presence in EMEA. Tactful offers omnichannel and AI-powered customer experience software to help businesses thrive by enabling meaningful and effective engagement with their customers across touchpoints. Tactful UCX is a comprehensive customer experience platform that incorporates all technologies and tools businesses need to deliver the best customer experience, reduce costs, and boost customer loyalty and sales.

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