What’s new in Tactful AI – Dec 2021

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✉️ Email Channel

Never miss a conversation!

Now you can connect your sales & support inboxes using SMTP & IMAP so your team gets to access a shared inbox, and never miss a conversation with customers.

🌎 More languages are now supported by Tactful AI engine

Communicate across the border!

Besides our current support for English & Arabic, the update includes Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish as well as Nigerian local languages like Hausa, Yoruba & Igbo. Also, you can turn on auto-detect for your user’s language or allow your users to select their favorite language.

↪️ More Routing & Queuing Capabilities

Work Smarter!

Now you can add certain channels to a queue & assign a group of agents to focus & handle incoming communications from these queues. In the first quarter of 2022, we will introduce more advanced capabilities to the queuing & routing like service groups, so you can break down each channel further into multiple service groups as well as real-time analytics so you can easily make decisions who should handle each queue.

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

Save more time providing answers to repeated questions!

We separated the experience of adding FAQs from the AI section, so your editors can easily add the FAQs without worrying about the AI complexity, also your agents will have the freedom to select these FAQs on the go while handling conversations with customers.

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