AI as a solution for customer care, can it be real or just pure sci-fi?

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By Tactful Team

With omnichannel taking control of business providing customers with a seamless care experience and giving them the freedom to choose their preferred channel to reach your business, and since artificial intelligence is now a demand to offer a smart service.

One wonders what would happen if these two are combined together. Using artificial intelligence along with omnichannel will not only save you time and effort but also it will boost your business image and skyrocket your revenue.

The question is how? 

Well, as mentioned in our previous article, omnichannel brings all of your customers’ touchpoints (both online and offline) into one place at your customer care team’s fingertips.

As your customer’s journey begins with self service to find exactly what they want to buy, your care team should always be ready for all the questions roaming in their heads at every stage of that journey providing them to the best and most accurate answers to retain satisfied happy customers.

But answering all of these repeated questions can take a lot of time and effort from your care team overwhelming them to solve customers’ critical issues. 

That when the help of AI is most useful, giving your customers a smart experience with no need for human agents interactions. But what else can AI do for omnichannel businesses, wonders can be done, and some of these wonders are:

Anticipating personas preferences

According to customers’ behaviors, AI and machine learning can anticipate which personas prefer to speak with a live agent and which prefers self service. Giving your customers the experience they want without asking.

AI and machine learning are able to define customer personas, their buying patterns and preferences, and their journeys. They can create precise personas of each of their key customer segments by defining customers’ expectations and how they care by combining brand, event and product preferences, location data, content viewed, transaction histories and most of all, channel and communication preferences.

More importantly, they can achieve price optimization by personas by analyzing customers’  previous purchase history and price sensitivity.

Virtual trail and recommendations

Combining pattern recognition with product recommendations using machine learning, will lead to the development of mobile apps where shoppers can virtually try out clothes items they are interested in buying.

Machine learning is well-known for pattern recognition while AI excels at creating recommendation engines, and together they are bringing a new generation of apps where shoppers can try out any piece of garment they desire.

Digitalize supply chains

Using AI and machine learning with omnichannel to digitize supply chains to enable on-time performance will provide greater customer experience which in turn will lead to a high level of customer satisfaction. 

Lower operation costs can be achieved by order tracking across all channels combined with predictions of out-of-stock conditions using AI and machine learning.

Using AI and machine learning-powered predictive content analytics to improve sales close rate by predicting which content will lead customers to buy.

All of these will lead to increased speed to market, improved customer loyalty, faster adaptability to market changes, high profit, less requirement for human intervention, and less requirement for buying trips.

Chatbots as an omnichannel trend

Chatbots are really helpful when it comes to lessen the workload over customer care teams’ shoulders. And with these AI-powered computer programs which simulate human speech, you can ask your customers and potential leads questions and respond with accurate answers.

They can ask questions as simple as what your name, phone number, or address is, and provide answers for FAQs, and as complicated as determining your customers’ mood while chatting with your customer care team.

The future of omnichannel customer care powered by AI is here and it is demanding to stay for a while. Omnichannel is by no doubt the new business trend in the market, and combined with AI and machine learning, you can guarantee business growth with a smart future.

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