3 Reasons Why You Should Go For Chatbots Over Mobile Apps!

The evolution of technology seems like a never-ending process. It keeps on getting easier and more automated day after day. Back in 2008, Apple launched the Apple store and millions of apps have been downloaded by users daily. Mobile apps by that time were considered a brilliant idea for companies to reach out to their customers. Banks started to provide their own apps that make financial transactions easier. Hospitals, stores, restaurants and many other industries had created their mobile apps as an easier and effective way to communicate with their customers.

But, nothing stays as it is. Low storage alerts are one of the reasons why users were forced to give up on many apps along with more different reasons. That gave a chance for only very few apps to survive.

In 2016 brands started to follow a new trend to reach to their customers. Chatbots, the new way to interact with the customers on social platforms. It is not only a way to reach the customer. But also considered as assistants that serve and answer the customer’s inquiries in no time and with no human efforts.

Chatbots, since they went viral, had proved their efficiency in many fields. E-commerce where a chatbot could offer the shopper a personalized shopping experience. Customer service and FAQs where a bot can give standard answers and provide simple information. Also to provide reminders on payment or any scheduled events.

Now, why would companies choose chatbots over mobile apps?

  • Chatbots’ development is way cheaper than mobile apps

It is not only cheaper to develop a chatbot it also takes less time than developing apps. Though the time is not standard for all chatbots. Some might take more time as they are more advanced and serve many tasks based on the business needs.

  • Customers don’t have to download chatbots

A chatbot could be deployed anywhere, on a website or even on one of the chatting platforms out there. Customers will reach a chatbot easier without the need of freeing up space or taking the time to download it.

  • Chatbots save the money of recruiting manpower

A chatbot could serve in the areas of customer service, sales, after sales and many more. Deploying a chatbot will save you the money of recruiting manpower and shorten the time of getting the job done.

We cannot say that chatbots would win over mobile apps and replace it. Each of them has its own characteristics and usages. But what we can say is that most of the businesses will have to have a chatbot very soon. According to  Gartner’s report, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. Another point is that chatbots and apps can be linked to work together perfectly for the best results.

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